We had two dreams. To work together and to explore. But we had never felt further away from them. We never saw each other, our house was chaos, and we felt like we were fighting a daily battle against life. We knew something had to change. Then it happened. After a particularly rough day, we prayed together. Our question was simple: how can we follow our dream? Our answer came in the form of a scripture that has changed everything.

So we did. We sold our house and left behind almost everything we owned. And then we started driving. For four months, we traveled over 30,000 miles, from one coast of the United States to the other, and back, with our three kids and our suitcases. 

During those four months of travel, we saw our kids thrive. Our old life of watching hours of TV each day and counting down the minutes until bedtime were replaced with a new life of watching whales break the surface of the ocean and hearing our little babies squeal as they touched sea anemones for the first time.  


Not every day was easy. We spent lots of time bribing our kids to stay in their car seats and even more time changing diapers in inconvenient places.  


But we became a stronger family through it all, and for the first time in a long time, we had a purpose.

As lifelong pursuers of magic, this adventure was the ultimate magic training as we abandoned many of our fears and grew closer to Jesus Christ—the ultimate source of magic. We became avid believers of the wholesome, the beautiful, and the impossible because we became intimately familiar with these things as we traded our life of obligation & stress to one of freedom & faith. This adventure planted a dream in our hearts to encourage the world to believe in magic. And this is our effort. We’re so glad you’re here!



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