The Pregnant, Traveling Lady

July 14, 2017

Sometimes you make the decision to sell everything you own so you can explore the world with your awesome husband & three babies, and you're not totally sure why...except that you have a big, strong feeling in your heart that's telling you to go.


It's a special feeling, and it's giving you a glimpse of what life would be like with your little family if there wasn’t TV or pizza pockets. It's a small glimpse, but it's powerful because every time it comes back to your mind, it quiets all of the fears. You know the ones--the ones that tell you that you might not be rich enough, or strong enough, or spontaneous enough, or patient enough to travel around the country with a family of little babies and tell your story to...whoever wants to read about it.


That big, strong feeling is your saving grace--has always been your saving grace--because it's what motivates you to do the intimidating things.


And now that big, strong feeling is here again. And you're really grateful because you just found out that you're having another baby and you're realizing that you're going to be that chubby, pregnant lady again. Only this time you might be doing it where there’s humidity and weird food. And the fears are here again, of course. But somehow that big, strong feeling is carrying you up and away from them all as it reminds you that there is a Father in Heaven who knows you and loves you and wants you to do the intimidating things because that's where the big rewards are waiting. 


So you decide to listen to the big, strong feeling and you continue to dream. You clean your carpets, get rid of all your stuff, and sell your house. And then you write a blog post about it. And you're intimidated because the fears are buzzing and you don't actually know how this whole thing is going to work out. But that big, strong feeling is telling you that maybe someone else needs to hear about how the chubby, pregnant lady is trying to listen to the big, strong feeling. And then it sends that small but powerful glimpse of a world where everyone listens to that big, strong feeling and they follow their dreams, and no one is scared anymore. 


That big, strong feeling is telling you that maybe you can be a little spark that ignites a fire that lights up the world. So you publish the blog post, you sell your house, and you remember who created you. 


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