​These are The Truths Courses—something I began creating for myself. It started as a way for me to speak to my heart about my worth and eternal identity. It was where I collected pieces of truth that I learned in the scriptures, through conversations with God and friends, and in incredible books written by brave people. 


Certain truths kept coming back to me as I searched for the "things of a better [world]" (D&C 25:10), so I collected them, and that's how these "guidebooks" have been born. 

They have been created with love to help women learn eternal truths that "make [them] free" (John 8:32), and teach them how to recognize harmful lies that take away their strength. They have been created with prayer, research, and personal experiences in the hope to strengthen and encourage women everywhere.

Your life is more valuable than the objects within it.


Learn how your stress is tied to your stuff and how to let it all go so you can focus on taking care of your body & spirit, and find your eternal purpose. 

The same creator of your body created the food it needs to be its best.

Learn the truth about the food your body really needs and how to prepare it, with a focus on REAL food and eternal truths about health.

You are an individual with a specific purpose to fulfill during this life. When you find your purpose, you'll find your fulfillment.


Learn eternal truths that give you courage to be your true self, chase your dreams, and change the world. 

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